George Ackroyd mohair processors

The fibre conversion story in Bradford spans many centuries. It begins with our soft Yorkshire water, ideal for the initial washing of greasy fleeces ready for onward processing.

geo ackroydThe actual processes have not fundamentally changed over the decades. The knowledge gained has been passed down through generations of wool workers with many serving long apprenticeships and remaining with us for many years.

This knowledgeable and local work force is a cornerstone of our mohair combing plant, George Ackroyd. Combing fibre, and in particular mohair, requires even more specialist skills than those for  wool fibre combed at other production plants.

There is a strong understanding of the machinery to obtain the very best finished product. While many processors chase ever increasing outputs, we know that machines of a certain vintage are the only machines to use with this precious fibre. Speed and quantity are not our focus here, quality and customer satisfaction are our targets.

To this end we currently run Schlumberger SB29/SB30 machines which we know run at the optimum speed for efficient mohair production. Our shift patterns are designed to give us flexibility and generous production whilst maintaining quality standards.

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