Cashmere Combing Company

CCC was born out our previous dehairing operation, Morton Fibres, which was started in 1972. By 1984 this business had grown significantly and was operating 24 dehairing machines. As more and more dehairing was moved to China we changed the focus of the business towards cashmere carding and combing.

cashmere combing companyThe Cashmere Combing Company was created in 2006 and now processes a number of natural fibres as well as cashmere, fibres including camel, alpaca and mohair. CCC is now equipped with 6 cards, 8 combs and 4 gilling lines and is a fully versatile unit.

The business operates separate rooms for machining white and other darker fibres in order to avoid contamination. We also have controlled humidification when required to ensure we produce the best product we can for you.

Whatever your processing needs, we have a range of capabilities from loose fibres to tops. We have the ability to blend slithers to create colours using up to 7 gill boxes. We can card blend to make loose fibre into film and to create the correct colour for further processing, as well as the ability to break a sliver into broken top.

Finally, when we have finished processing your fibre we can pack it into finished bales of between 50kg and 250kg to suit your needs

If you have any fibre processing you’d like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to Contact us.

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