Working hard to meet your requirements

Our reputation for reliability and availability doesn’t only come from our size of stockholding. It also comes from our ability to work closely with customers to develop products and blends of fibre that meet their needs and expectations.

the right serviceUtilising our in-house lab and the on-site processing units we can be flexible and responsive, providing quality assurance and comfort to our customers.

Buying and selling fibre sounds so straight-forward but it’s not just that simple. Making choices on the right products to source and the right supplier to supply them; creating new blends and products and the ability to build specific products to meet customer requirements have all been key to our growth and continued success.

Our whole team work closely to respond quickly, discuss your requirements, provide samples and deliver so that you receive the service you want and deserve.

Find out some more about our in-house testing facilities and also the capabilities of our production businesses Cashmere Combing Co and Geo Ackroyd (Mohair Processing). These are the last production facilities of these types in Europe and allow us flexibility and the ability to create bespoke products for you.

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