At the last cape mohair sale of this season, there was good all-round competition for the limited quantity on offer.

We quote the market in comparison with the last sale:

Kid types 1% dearer on all qualities

Young goats 1-2% easier

Adult/Fine adult firm unchanged

There will be no mohair offered for sale now until mid-February 2020.


At today’s cape mohair sale all qualities offered attracted good interest from buyers.

We quote the market compared with last auction.

Find kids firm unchanged

Strong kids/fine young goats buyers favour

Strong young goats 2% dearer

Adult types fully firm

The last auction of this season will be held on 4.12.19 with a reduced offering comprising of the usual end of season hair


We quote today’s sale as follows:

Kid types firm unchanged

Young Goats 1% easier

Adults firm unchanged

The next sale will be held on 5th November 2019 with a reduced offering available. This smaller quantity of hair is also expected on the 2 remaining sales of this season due to lower receipts than anticipated.


At today’s cape mohair sale there was a lot of interest and keen competition on Kid and Young Goat qualities. We quote the market as follows:

Fine Kids 26mic and finer – 10% dearer

Stronger Kids/Y. Goats 27/32mic – 5/6% dearer

Adult Types firm/unchanged

We are expecting a more normal size offering of approximately 160 tons to be available on the next sale which is being held on 19th March.