At today’s Cape sale there was strong competition, especially for RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard) clips. In local currency prices were as follows:

Kids 3/4% dearer.

YG 5% dearer.

Adult firm to dearer.

However, the SA Rand strengthened by 8% making US$ prices even dearer.

Next Cape Sale 24th November.


At today’s Cape sale there was strong demand for all types, limited global stocks and an upturn in demand for tops/yarn. (a lot of hand knit yarns selling due to people staying home during lockdown). Please also note the Basuto sale 28th September was also very firm with prices 10/15% higher.

Fine kids 4% dearer.

Kids/fine young goats 12% dearer.

Young goat/fine adult 15-20% dearer.

Adult 10% dearer.

The next sale will be 20th October.


At today’s Cape sale, the first of the winter season, there were 882 bales offered and 588 sold (67%). This reflects the stronger courser nature of the mohair offered, as well as the global effect of the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on business.

Kid mohair was 2-3 % dearer.

Young goat was buyers’ favour.

Adult was firm/unchanged.

The next sale will be 8th September.


2nd June 2020

At today’s Cape Mohair Sale there were 681 bales (91 tons) offered with an excellent 84% clearance.

Kid mohair was 1% dearer.

Young Goat mohair was 4% easier.

Adult mohair was 3% easier.

The next sale will be MONDAY 15th June.


19th May 2020


The last actual sale was 17th March 2020, the 2 sales in April (7TH & 28th) were cancelled due to the global pandemic. A decision was taken to hold a sale today to keep money flowing to farmers. There were 598 bales offered and 567 bales sold = 95%. An excellent result in very trying circumstances. The European topmakers were largely absent.

Fine kids were firm.

Young goats were 6/8% easier.

Adult was 5% easier.

The next sale will be held 2nd June when 95 Tons will be offered.