We are in the fibre business … and always have been

The experience available to you from within Seal international is unrivalled. We are a business that has grown and become recognised all over the world, and for the continued personal involvement of Andrew and Jeremy Seal.

Since their father Raymond started the business in 1971 and grew it into a significant global operation, Andrew and Jeremy have continued to build on the strong foundations he laid.

Supported by a strong team of knowledgeable fibre experts they have been diligent in remaining true to the company vision, whilst growing Seal international into the global fibre force it is.

Today the business is respected around the world and many client relationships have endured and blossomed into true friendships. These clients recognise the value of a reliable, consistent and dependable supplier for their fibre needs.


Seal International has an enviable reputation for the purity and specification of the products we supply. We’re unique, certainly in the UK, in having our own in-house testing facility. This allows us to check and sample fibre with more speed, sample more often and maintain the quality of our supply. Couple this with the strong links and relationships we have built up over many years of buying and you can be assured of the quality and integrity of the fibre you buy from us


Our word and reputation are crucial and mean so much to us. For decades we have never promised what we couldn’t deliver or been comfortable to provide anything less than an excellent service. And we never will. We want you, like our customers that have been with us for many years, to recognise the value of a solid, dependable and reliable supplier.


No-one in the world holds the stocks of speciality fibre that we do. With significant stocks across grades and fibre specification we have stocks available for immediate dispatch in cashmere, mohair, alpaca, angora, camel, silk, yak and a number of other smaller more specialist fibres. No-one will consistently and continually have the availability that we have … ready to deliver today.

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