At the last sale of the season all types increased in Rand terms as follows:

Fine Kids 3% dearer

Average Kids 7/8% dearer

Young Goats and Adult types 5% dearer

Short scouring types were in keen demand finishing 10/15% dearer

There is now a 2-month summer break until the next auction of the new season which will be held on 14th August 2018.


Today’s offering was comprised of the best quality selection from this season.

Average kids were firm on last auction levels with good quality finer kids selling at much higher levels.

Adult and young goats were also in demand finishing 1-2% dearer.

There is now a 5-week wait until the last sale of this season which will be held on 26th June.

After this, there is a 2-month summer break until the next auction of the new season which will be held on 14th August 2018.


Today’s mohair sale saw all adult and fine young goats increase in price 2/3%.

Finer kid types were less sought after easing by 2/3% which was mostly anticipated.

The next auction will be held on 22nd May with some better quality lots on offer of approximately 140 tons in total.


At today’s Cape Sale there was very strong competition with prices rising 8-10% across the board, highlighting the current strong demand and limited supply.

The next sale is on the 8th May 2018.


At today’s auction Kid types 27mic and finer were extremely expensive and we quote these 10/12% dearer than last sale.

Goat qualities were less severe being 2/3% higher.

Adult types were firm unchanged to Buyers favour.

There is now a 4-week break until the next sale which will be held on the 17th April when approximately 155 tons is expected to be on offer.


There was very good competition at today’s sale with demand continuing for all qualities.

Kid types were 4-5% more expensive than previous auction with young goats 3-4% dearer.

Adult/Fine Adult qualities were 4% higher.

The next sale will be held on the 20th March with approximately 150 tons on offer.


The first sale of this season was a usual reduced offering of mixed types.

The much stronger Rand did nothing to dampen buyer’s enthusiasm.  In US Dollar terms prices have increased by 10-12% when compared to the last sale in December.  This combined with the market being an additional 2-3% dearer for all qualities indicated a very buoyant return to the auction season.

The next sale will be held on the 6th March with more normal offering of around 150/160 tons.