13th August 2019
USD1.00 = Rand 15.2911

As is usual with the first sale of the season there was a smaller than usual amount of mohair available consisting mainly of less attractive more average qualities generally lacking in overall length.

We are quoting the market as generally 6/7% easier across all the types sold but prices were somewhat erratic due to the nature of the mixed offering.

The next sale will be held 3rd September 2019 when a more normal quantity of hair will be available with better lots expected.


18th June 2019
USD1.00 = Rand 14.7766

At the last sale of this season there was good general competition with particular interest on kid/young goat qualities. We quote the market:

Fine Kids 23/27mic up 1% dearer

Stronger Kids/Fine Y. Goats firm/unchanged

Fine Adult/Adult 1% easier

There will now be a break in mohair being auctioned until the next sale being held on 13th August.


USD1.00 = Rand 14.4165

At today’s Cape sale there was very strong demand for all qualities, with spinner kids being extreme. A combination of low supply and continued demand is keeping the market at record levels.

Spinner Kids up 15%
Fine Kids up 2%
Strong Kids up 2%
Young Goats unchanged
Adult up 2%

The final sale of the season will be held on 18th June.


7th May 2019
USD1.00 = Rand 14.4500

Today’s auction began firm on the levels of the previous sale last with stronger Kids 27/8mic slightly dearer.

As the sale progressed the market across the board strengthened to close more expensive for all qualities particularly on the Fine Kid types. Any Adult hair which was previously taken in was sold on the auction resulting in a good clearance figure for the whole sale.

Next sale will be held in 21st May which will be the penultimate sale of this season.


19th March 2019
USD1.00 = Rand 14.4445

At today’s sale there was good competition from all Buyers on a much improved overall selection.

In S.A. Rand terms the market was:

Fine Kids 23/26 mic 2/3% easier
Stronger Kids 27/9 mic 2/3% easier
Fine Y. Goats 30/32 mic Par to 1% dearer
Strong Y. Goats 33 mic 5% dearer
Fine Adult/Adult Par to 1% easier

Our next sale will be held on the 16th April with approximately 160 tons to be auctioned.


At today’s cape mohair sale there was a lot of interest and keen competition on Kid and Young Goat qualities. We quote the market as follows:

Fine Kids 26mic and finer – 10% dearer

Stronger Kids/Y. Goats 27/32mic – 5/6% dearer

Adult Types firm/unchanged

We are expecting a more normal size offering of approximately 160 tons to be available on the next sale which is being held on 19th March.


At the last sale of this season the limited offering combined with the stronger SA Rand resulted in the following:

Kids fully firm/unchanged with last sale levels.

Adult mohair up to 5% easier with young goat qualities buyers favour /2% easier.

There will be no further opportunity to buy mohair until the 1st sale of the new season which will be held mid-February 2019.


With the smaller offering at today’s auction there was very good interest for all qualities.

We quote as follows:

Fine Kids 3 to 4% dearer

Stronger Kids/Fine Young Goats 2% higher

Strong Young Goats/Adult were firm/unchanged from last sale levels

The last remaining sale of this season will be held on the 4th December with another smaller offering of around 70/80 tons available.


Today’s cape mohair sale was unchanged overall on most types when compared to the previous auction.

The limited offering of better quality hair did command a slight premium over the more average quality lots available.

In line with expectations, as we reach the end of the season supply is significantly reduced.

The next sale will be held on 20th November and will contain a reduced offering of around 70/80 tons.


Today’s auction results as follows in S.A. Rand terms:

Fine Kids 1-2% dearer

Stronger Kids/Fine Young Goats 1 -2% easier than last sale.

Strong Young Goat/Adult 2% easier.

Overall there was good competition for all qualities and with a reduced sale of less than 100 tons being held on 6th November there remains limited mohair stocks towards the end of the season.