Meet the people that will deliver for you

As a family-owned business, the quality of our people are one of the most important elements in our success.

We are a team of fibre specialists – knowledgeable and responsive; commercial and customer focused. If you have a requirement we’ll work hard to offer you a product to satisfy that need, using our skill and experience and always remaining true to the vision of our founder to be recognised for our reliability and integrity.

ANDREW SEAL – Group Managing Director

andrew seal seal international
Andrew began working for the business in 1976, whilst working he studied at Leeds university graduating with a BA (hons) in textiles and business management 1980. Having worked in all areas of the business (shipping, imports, finance and production, including time spent in Germany in a spinning and weaving mill and in Texas learning about Mohair) Andrew eventually settled on sales specialising initially in the Japanese market and assisting in France and Italy. Andrew now specialises in the buying of greasy mohair and sales to India, Italy and Turkey.

JEREMY SEAL – Managing Director

jeremy seal seal international
Jeremy joined the Company in January 1982 after taking a BSc degree in Economics at Loughborough University. He specialises in cashmere, silk, camelhair, angora and yakwool and controls all the purchasing and processing of these fibres for the Company. He travels extensively to China, Mongolia and other supply countries. Jeremy also looks after several sales markets, predominantly the hugely important market of Biella in Italy, which he visits frequently.

ANDREW BAKER – Sales Director

andrew baker seal international
Andrew Baker has worked exclusively with speciality fibre raw materials for the past 29 years servicing mainly the European buying markets. Having spent time in all areas of the business he has seen many developments and changes in the countries producing these fibres and has enjoyed this challenging role to maintain raw material supplies. Serving a traditional textile trading apprenticeship was essential to learn the new skills required to operate in today’s challenging fibre arena which Seal International are undoubtedly market leaders.

GLYN SMITH – Sales Executive

glyn smith seal international
Glyn joined Seal International in 1998 after a long period of travelling the world, working within the commercial departments of many textile firms worldwide. Glyn’s main duties are specialised in the Alpaca trade, Glyn lived and worked within the Alpaca industry in Peru for many years. Glyn enjoys all aspects of his work at Seal international, and gets involved in purchasing, sales, production, quality control and continues to travel extensively for the company.

JOSH SEAL – Sales Executive

josh seal seal international
Josh joined Seal International in August 2010, after completing a sports science degree in Leeds. He is a member of the sales team with specific responsibility for the German and Australian markets, and also works in the important sales markets of Biella in Italy and the UK. He is also involved in fibre purchasing in China and Mongolia.

ROBYN WESTON – Sales Executive

robyn weston seal international
Robyn joined Seal International in May 2011, having graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in Natural Sciences. Robyn works in sales alongside Andrew Baker assisting with the Italian market, and she also deals with France and Turkey making regular sales trips to these markets.

PETER BURNELL – Sample Room Manager

peter burnell seal international
With 54 years experience in textiles Peter is primarily a woven fabric designer, but also has 14 years experience designing and developing single and double jersey fabrics. He progressed from mens and ladies fashion apparel to developing technical fabrics from high heat and fire resistance to high tenacity. iN 2008, Peter joined Seal International at Ladywell Mill in their fabric sampling room. As Sample Room Manager, Peter is responsible the preparing and despatching of fibre samples to customers and agents worldwide for the sales team.

MICHAEL PRIOR – Assistant Sample Room Manager

peter burnell seal international
Michael joined Seal International in November 2013 and works in the sample room alongside Peter Burnell. Michael works closely with the Production Department and Sales Team, co-ordinating sampling to agents and clients.

MARION BOURNE – Quality Control/Lab Technician

marion bourne seal international
Marion originally joined SIL Holdings in 2002. She has over 30 years of experience in laboratory work mainly within worsted spinning and cashmere. Marion moved into the lab as our lab technician in 2007 where today she is responsible for the testing of all luxury fibres that arrive in the lab; both externally sourced and from in-house production. She works alongside David and gives support across all quality control measures.

PHIL BRANNAN – Production Manager (Geo Ackroyds)

phil brannan seal international
Phil joined George Ackroyds facility of Seal International in November 2012. Starting in textiles in 1976 as a textile engineering apprentice, he went on to study Textile Technology at Bradford Textile College gaining Btec and higher Btec grades with distinction. Phil has spent over 30 years working in early processing of speciality fibres and has experience in scouring, carding, combing, gilling and in robust quality control.

TONY GREENWOOD – Production Manager and Engineer (Cashmere Combing)

tony greenwood seal international
Tony has worked in the textile industry since leaving school. With a full technological textile qualification he initially worked for Petrie McNaught manufacturing wool scouring and drying machinery where he received a 5 year full engineering apprenticeship. Since 2006 Tony has worked for Seal International controlling the cashmere, alpaca and camel processing facilities.

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